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How to Increase Reviews & Referrals from your Past Customers in 48 hours Without Spending Any Money on Marketing

Avandment - What We Do

At Avandment, we use our PROVEN system to generate you consistent reviews and referrals from the people you love best, YOUR PAST CUSTOMERS

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Meet The Founder

Founded by Ethan Grush who's spent the past 3 years working in the electric bike industry and attracting marketing talent globally

Ethan has spent 3 years working for an e-bike manufacturer, and has decided to use his skills he has learned to help local e-bike businesses increase their sales and rentals

-Ethan Grush

Why Choose Avandment?

What We Do?

We help electric bike dealers generate more reviews and referrals from their past customers every month

How We Do It?

At Avandment Advertising, we use our proven warm calling system that builds your businesses relationships with it's past customers to increase reviews and referrals

What Makes Us Different?

We have called hundreds and thousands of past customers and have found what to say, when to say it and what to ask for in order to get your past customers providing you more reviews and more referrals in no time

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